Limited only by your imagination

Wilson Building’s pre-fabricated transportable homes are designed and built to suit the environment, location, and design needs of our clients. They are pre-built in our Timaru-based yard and can be transported to your desired location throughout the South Island - making the building process simple and less disruptive to your site. We treat our pre-fabricated homes with the same level of high standards and detail as our other builds. From a one-bedroom cottage through to a multi-pod architectural home, a pre-fabricated solution is ideal for the budget and value-conscious.

The way of the future

Here is just some of the benefits of a Wilson Building pre-fabricated home:


No daily transport costs to and from the site. Reduced travel and accommodation costs with minimal onsite work. Shorter construction time also equates to a lower cost of labour.

Shorter build time

Pre-fabricated in our yard means that there are no hold-ups with sub-contractors, on-site conditions, and site work for optimum efficiency.

Quality Control

Our team of builders can work with minimal disruption, allowing for focus, precision and greater efficiency. We also produce less waste due to constructing in a controlled environment.